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​Kunugi Forest

forest bathing

Take care of yourself​

Panoramic view of Lake Takataki at Hoshino Farm

​ View of the blueberry garden and Lake Takataki from above Hoshino Farm

Taken: June 2021


Lake Takataki is located in the southern part of Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture. ​Hoshino Farm Takataki Lake is located not far from there. At Hoshino Farm Takatakiko, there is a "sawtooth oak forest" that has been protected for generations.  

We took advantage of the nature of this copse forest and improved it further, and named this newly reborn forest "Kunugi Ikoi no Mori".

"It's become a convenient world.​ It seems that modern society has pursued just how easy and how fast it can be done. And in that, isn't it an illusion that being late is a bad thing? ”

Tomihiro Hoshino (poet, painter)

From "Things More Important Than Life"

You can enjoy forest bathing in the "Kunugi Ikoi no Mori", sleep in a hammock, and of course work remotely.


The fresh green of spring, the cicadas in summer, the autumn leaves, and the carpet of fallen leaves in winter.

​ At Hoshino Farm, we are committed to continuing to protect the "Kunugi Resting Forest" so that you can spend a relaxing and wonderful time.

Owner    Masato Hoshino


​"Kunugi Rest Forest"

What you can do

Recruitment of blueberry owners

This year, blueberry flowers started to bloom about 10 days earlier than usual. Harvest begins in late May.

Hoshino Farm Takataki Lake

When you witness a series of changes such as flowers blooming, blue berries starting to grow, turning purple, and ready to be harvested, the taste of your own blueberries will be exceptional.

Hoshino Farm Takatakiko is responsible for the management of grass cutting, fertilizer, pruning, watering, etc. Also, if the tree dies during the period due to disease, insect damage, weather, etc., we will guide you to a replacement tree free of charge, so please do not worry.

★ Day camp andBarbecue ★

Day camp site

​_22200000-0000-0000-000000000222_Relax your body and mind with forest bathing

​_22200000-0000-0000-000000000222_Day Camp

I started subscribing


A year has passed since the park opened,Everyone has praised Kunugi Rest Forest as a forest that is soothing to the soul.

We have decided to open a flat-rate day campsite because we want people to be able to use Kunugi Rest Forest as many times as they like throughout the year without worrying about fees.

Becoming a member offers various benefits.

​Please consider it.

★ ​​Garden Cafe ★

Garden Cafe

★ Electric assisted mountain bike rental ★

Hoshino Farm Takataki Lake Electric Mountain Bike

★ Remote work ★

Remote Work

​_22200000-0000-0000-000000000222_Members-only vegetable garden

Hoshino Farm Takataki Lake

​This year's potato digging

It has ended.

★ Sweet potato digging ★

Sweet potato digging

★ Blueberry picking experience ★

Blueberry picking experience

​This year's blueberry picking experience has ended.

"Kunugi Ikoi no Mori" Usage Precautions 

Kunugi Ikoi no Mori is a forest maintained while making the most of nature. Therefore, there are many unexpected hazards such as undergrowth, stumps and bamboo bushes. In addition, there are places where it becomes very slippery after rain.

Hoshino Farm Takataki Lake
Hoshino Farm Takataki Lake
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"Where shall we go for the weekend?"

If you get lost

To "Lake Takataki"!
Here is a new satoyama experience that is the closest to the city center and full of nature.

From the Ichihara City "Lake Takataki Collaboration Project" HP

Lake Takataki-LAKE TAKATAKI (

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