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<Day Camp Terms of Use>


<Day Camp Terms of Use>


1, Prevention of accidents and troubles in the park

The day camp area is located in the Kunugi Ikoi no Mori. It is a forest maintained while taking advantage of nature. Therefore, there are many unexpected hazards such as undergrowth, stumps and bamboo bushes. In addition, there are places where it becomes very slippery after rain.

 Never run in the park. don't let it runPlease understand that it is different from a well-maintained park. In particular, parents with children should keep an eye on their children.

Please use at your own risk. ​We are not responsible for any accidents, thefts, troubles, etc. that occur in the parking lot or within the park.In order for everyone to use the facilities more safely, securely, and comfortably, we ask that each and every one of us observe manners when using the facilities.


2. In consideration of environmental conservation and the risk of fire,open fireBarbecues and bonfires are prohibited

In our garden, we have a barbecue and a bonfire.If you want to bringOn the bonfire fireproof sheet,Please use barbecues and bonfires made by camping equipment manufacturers or similar barbecues and bonfires. In addition, if you bring in a fireproof sheet or a product that does not conform to it, we are very sorry, but we will refuse the use of our garden.Thank you for your understanding. Please contact us in advance from the "Inquiries" below.


3, Handling of garbage

There are no trash cans in the park. Please take all rubbish home with you. However, the used charcoal will be thrown away at the designated place. Please cooperate with beautification and garbage reduction.

If you have to leave your garbage on the way home, please purchase a garbage bag designated by our garden. I am very sorry, but I will charge 1,000 yen per bag.

Please leave it in the site area and take it home.


4, Drinking water

The water in the park is well water. It is not drinkable, but it can be used for washing dishes.


5, Bringing food and drinks

No carry-on fee. Feel free to bring your own. However, if you are driving a car, please do not drink alcohol.

6, About pets

Accompaniment is OK. However, please make sure that the toilet is well-trained. Also, please do not bark unnecessarily. (Other dogs may also bark, so the owner should pay attention not to get excited or bark. Please be sure to connect with a leash.

Brushing in the park is prohibited.

7,About parking lot

10 cars can be parked free of charge The site area is located 30m to 50m from the parking lot.

(It is not an auto campsite, so it cannot be placed next to the site area.)

8,About the toilet

Flush toilet with warm water washing toilet seat.

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