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"Relaxation Forest of Kunugi"
Usage notes

The "Knugi Forest of Rest" is a forest that has been maintained while taking advantage of nature. Therefore, there are many unexpectedly dangerous places such as bushes, stumps, and bamboo bushes. Also, some areas can become very slippery after rain.

 Never run inside the park while using cafes, barbecues, etc. Please don't run. Please understand that this is different from a well-maintained park when using this site.

Especially parents with children should keep an eye on their children.
Please use at your own risk

Please note that the park is not responsible for any accidents or thefts in the parking lot or within the park.  

In order for everyone to use the facility safely, securely and comfortably, we ask that each and every one of us please use the facility with good manners.



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