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​Hoshino Farm Takataki Lake
About blueberries

In the fall of 2018, we planted a total of 350 strains of three varieties of Southern Highbush blueberries (Eureka, Twilight, and OPI) and are growing them in hydroponic cultivation.
All of them are Australian patent varieties and are developed and raised by MBO.


​3 Breed characteristics

blueberry owner system


The fruit is very hard and has a crisp texture. It is sweet, has a good aroma, and has a long shelf life. A precious blueberry with a luxurious feel.

Mr. Bell, who developed this variety, calls it ``the best variety in my breeding career.''

The variety was named "Eureka". "Eureka" means "great discovery" in Greek.



Blueberries have a good balance of sweetness and sourness and have a crisp and refreshing texture.

Large, beautiful bright blue fruity sweetness.

blueberry picking


It is one of the fastest ripening varieties in the world with medium-sized, sweetly scented fruit.

It has very little acidity, and has a fruity and elegant sweetness.

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