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At “Kunugi no Ikoi no Mori”
How about day camp?

BBQ, bonfire etc.
have fun

​Note) Area is for rent. Please bring your favorite ingredients and camping equipment.

​This is a very advantageous plan.

​Also,Introductory campaignWe also carry outPlease consider this.

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Now "Knugi Forest of Rest"
Recruiting day camp members


Staring at the bonfire

Why do stress and anxiety disappear?

Why are conversations with friends so lively?

Why do I feel lonely for a moment?

Why can I look at myself until now and what I will become in the future?

Why do I never run out of conversations with my children?


​Why do people gather?

Enjoy various healing experiences with a bonfire.

Items available for rental

・1 BBQ stove made by Coleman (4-6 people): 2,000 yen

Comes with side table, net, tongs, and fire scissors


1 table made by Coleman: 1,000 yen
Comfort Master Butterfly Table (70D x 120W x 70H cm)

・1 chair made by Coleman: 300 yen

Two-way captain chair (2 height adjustment levels)


*Cooking utensils, etc. are available in various rental rooms. Also,Charcoal, firewood, fire starters, etc. are sold by management, so please ask the staff.

barbecue set

​If you plan to have a barbecue or bonfire, please be sure to read the Hoshino Farm usage regulations in advance.

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