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★All bring your own plan★

"Kunugi Resting Forest"
large area
Limited to 3 pairs

from 10am to 5pm
7 hours without replacement
please relax

Please relax and unwind for 7 hours from 10am to 5pm.

​ Weekdays

Junior high school students and above: 1,100 yen/person

Elementary school students: 550 yen/person

  Kindergartener  :free

★Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays★

Junior high school students and above: 1,650 yen/Man

Elementary school students: 825 yen/person

  Children   : Free

​Those who use barbecues and bonfires in advance
Hoshino Farm Terms of Use
Please be sure to read

Barbecue scene

★Using Kunugi Ikoi no Mori as a base, how about going to nearby sightseeing spots such as Ichihara Elephant Country, Ichihara Lakeside Art Museum, Yoro Valley, and Chibanian.

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