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Day campsite
Currently recruiting members

This year, for four months from April to the end of July, we turned the "Kunugi no Ikoi no Mori" campsite into a members-only day campsite that you can use as many times as you like without worrying about camping fees. This is a so-called subscription campground. This was our first attempt, but it was so well received that we decided to start recruiting new applicants.

・I want to do day camping and BBQ as many times as I want without worrying about campsite fees!

・I want to make full use of BBQ and communicate with my children, grandchildren, and family!

・On the weekends, I want to relax and soothe my mind and body at the “Knugi Forest of Recreation”!

・I want to enjoy my vegetable garden and BBQ on the weekend!

If you are thinking about ​ etc., please consider it.

☆Recruitment details and fees

☆Member benefits details

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