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cycling guided tour



① Junior high school students and above, elongation is 150 cm or more. Junior high school students must be accompanied by an adult guardian.
High school students may use the facility without being accompanied by a parent or guardian.

②Please come in clothes that are easy to move in. *Wearing short sleeves/short pants may risk insect bites, etc. *Skirts are not allowed. *Please wear comfortable shoes that are difficult to take off. * Shoes that easily come off, such as heels or pumps, or sandals (including Crocs) are not allowed.

③Those who own a mobile phone that can be contacted by our store 

④・If you are drinking or are under the influence of alcohol, if you are not feeling well, if you are pregnant, if you have a chronic disease such as heart disease/high blood pressure, if you are taking drugs, or otherwise, our staff will not be available to you. Cannot be used by those who have determined that

① The customer will be responsible for resolving any accidents such as falls during the rental period or during the tour.  
However, the tour course selection will be decided in consultation with the customer.

②If the customer causes damage to the store or a third party due to the customer's negligence, the customer shall compensate for this.  

③Injury and liability insurance shall be subscribed to by the renter and our store shall not be responsible for any liability.

★Useful things to have during a guided tour★


・Windbreaker (to protect against the cold during breaks, etc.)

・Rain gear (for sudden rain)

・Gloves or gloves (to prevent injury in the event of a fall and to protect against the cold)

・Sunglasses ・Snacks such as drinks, candies, and chocolates

・Cap-type hats, towels, etc.

★After the experience★

・Once you have finished changing your clothes, please take a rest at the cafe in "Kunugi no Ikoi no Mori". You can also take a forest bath.

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